Decorative Primary

Politics can get ugly but Design is about balance, harmony & beauty. As the election year heats up & the candidates have been presenting how they see the future of America; I’ve been daydreaming how the future White House might look… If it were up to me. Trying to put political views aside, how would I fashion a room in the private quarters of the White House for each potential candidate?….
Bernie & Jane Sanders: for them I envision embracing their bohemian roots but with some added vibrancy. Bernie loves Denmark, perhaps he would appreciate some Danish illumination so I put in a Greta Grosman Grasshopper lamp. The Frank Gehry chair of cardboard lends itself to supporting an Eco-friendly stance. The leather de Sede chair is modern but with a well worn in patina. For some global chic : a Madeline Weinrib pillow and a rug handwoven in Turkey. The Edward Wormley party sofa is big enough to seat more than the 1 percent. The coffee table & sideboard are Edward Wormley as well. 


Hillary Clinton: for Hillary I envision something feminine but strong; a defined point of view mixing eloquence with comfort. A double sided sofa creates an equal opportunity to face the left or the right. The Tufenkian silk & wool rug would soften the room. Rounded edges to the Liaigre coffee table would make the room child friendly (since she is a grandmother) The Ed Wormley wing back chair could be for her or Bill. The Donald Sultan Art & the Madeline Weinrib pillows are bold but optimistic. A plaster chandelier hangs from a new ceiling as the glass one has been shattered.


Donald & Melania Trump: For the Trumps, I thought of keeping things luxe but reigning in the over the top factor a bit (or a lot). The requisite gold factor comes in the form of a coffee table by Yves Klein, a Crystal chandelier by Bagues is at a price if you have to ask, you can’t afford, they don’t need to ask. The chesterfield sofa evokes tradition but it is modernized. A glam day bed for  Melania. Every leader needs sheep, this one happens to be chic. An antique Indian rug & Fortuny pillows are imported but hopefully allowed to stay. The painting is former property of a dictator.


Which room would you vote for?


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