Ladue News Show House 2015

This year I submitted to participant in the Ladue News Designer Show House & was awarded the Great Room. When I’ve been at the show house, more than one volunteer has asked me how I was assigned the room.  Designers are invited by the Ladue News to view the house & are able to submit up to 3 proposals for consideration. The Ladue News has a committee that reviews the submissions & they make their decisions from there.  It is an honor to not only be invited to participate but to be awarded a room as well. 

The show house opened to a sold out preview party on October 8th & it will be open thru October 25th (closed on Mondays) 

Advanced tickets can be purchased via eventbrite & if you use promo code DDD , you get a $5 discount ($15 as opposed to $20 or $25 at the door)  The house is located at 1751 Woodlawn in Ladue.  
I hope many will get to visit the show house as the proceeds from the tickets  go to Cardinal-Glennon Children’s Hospital. If you don’t catch it in person, I’ll be posting photos online in the future.


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